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Sitting alongside a beautiful Tulip tree sits an iconic industrial but rustic building of Mt Evelyn garden centre.

From the busy and bustling York Rd, the entrance is simple yet inviting. The presence of the rusty truck is a showcase of what is in store beyond the front doors.

With a fully stocked showroom of beautiful giftware and the presence of lush green plants, it’s a space that needs to be experienced by all. We want to give the residents of Mt Evelyn and visitors a great nursery they can rely on for all things green whilst enjoying the tranquility of the large open space.

Community support is also a very important element at our family-owned Garden Centre. The establishment has been a staple of Mt Evelyn for over 40years and has evolved much like the suburb. We have a fantastic network of enthusiastic growers around us with most importantly Humphris Nursery being the biggest supplier to its retail outlet of Mt Evelyn Garden Centre. Helping with donations to local schools and sporting clubs has always been a commitment maintained. With our well-known Coffee & Cars event raising money for our local CFA on a regular basis. We have also supported Beyond Blue for many years donating all our gift wrapping funds and being involved in Garden Relief every March.

We invite you to come and see for yourself as we aim to impress!

We are a family-owned Garden Centre in the Yarra Valley

Mt Evelyn Garden Centre is an industry accredited nursery nestled in the foothills of The Dandenong Ranges on your journey to Melbournes Yarra Valley. Come and lose yourself in the calm and tranquil environment which we know you will enjoy with garden ideas that will transform your house into a home.

Join the Mt Evelyn Garden Centre Newsletter

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126 York Rd, Mount Evelyn (03) 9736 1162

At Mt Evelyn Garden Centre we carry a wide range of hardware products that cater to the ever-changing season throughout the year.

Products on offer such as Harry’s, Vasili’s, Osmocote, Seasol, Neutrog are among the range of pest control and fertilizers, along with a complete organic range of plant care. If it’s caterpillars munching away at your Geraniums or aphids having a feast on your Rosebuds come in and speak to one of our qualified horticulturists to get the right product.

Growing your own is easy with Grow Better Seed raising mix. We offer seeds, hormone gel, and powders to help propagate your own plants at home.

Using the correct and plant-specific types of potting mixes is very important. Grow Better offer a huge variety such as:

  • Cacti and Succulent
  • Orchid
  • Native
  • Azalea
  • Camellia
  • Citrus and Fruit
  • Tomato & Vegetable
  • Terracotta and Tub

plus many other options which are also available in some smaller bags. Our range of mulches includes pine bark, Sugarcane, Pea straw mulch, and Lucine are also on hand to help with weed control and keeping moisture in.

Another great product we stock is a small but popular range of the famous Swiss-made Felco secateurs. A must for the keen gardener. Hardware items we stock are plastic pots, saucers, wire ware, gloves, garden stakes, plant stands, quality tools, and the list goes on.

So why not come in and visit us at everyone’s now…… Favourite Garden Centre in the Yarra Valley to meet our friendly team and get the right advice the first time.